Terms and conditions


Whenever you access our services, you agree that you will abide by all the terms and conditions of ours. Our privacy and cookie policy also falls under the umbrella of terms and conditions.

Therefore, we recommend you to read the agreement precisely, before opening an account in it. Also, there is a possibility that we will change the terms and conditions from time to time. Therefore, we will suggest you check our website on a regular interval of time. It will help you to stay updated if we bring any changes to terms and conditions.

Agreement and terms of using this app
  • The purpose of an agreement is to regulate the relations of the administration who are in charge of the Information on the resources and the individuals who want to spread knowledge, Information, and ideas in this resource.
  • Besides, this dating app or resource is not mass media. Therefore, it will not edit anything, which is published in this platform. Also, it will take no responsibility for the content on this dating site.
  • If a user is posting content on the dating app, it will be represented independently. Besides, it will also protect its interest, which is related to the placement of the specific Information, in connection with the third parties.
  • The sole purpose of this dating app is to provide you with entertainment. We will not take any responsibility if you take any decisions after going through the contents in your app.
  • Trading is not the purpose of this app. Therefore, if you are doing any transactions through this app, only you will be responsible for it. We will not take any responsibility if any issue takes place.
  • You can only legitimately use this app. You cannot use doobdoo to violate any law, intellectual property, or confidentiality of an organization or a person.
Creating an account
  • To use the services of this app, you have to create an account in this app. And to open an account, you have to use the real username, email id, and password
Eligibility of opening account and your responsibility

If you are planning to open an account in doobdoo, you have to make sure that you are eligible for it. Besides, you also need to know what you can do and can't do while availing these services. Also, you have to know the rights that you are granting to doobdoo

If you are using our services, you guarantee as well as represent that:

  • You are 18 years old or above.
  • You have the legal qualification to go through a binding contract with doobdoo.
  • You cannot be an individual who is prohibited from doing business with his or her own country.
  • Your country or the state should be compatible with using our services.
  • Your name shouldn't be there in the federal or local registry of a sex offense.

If you fail to meet these requirements, you have to delete the account immediately. Also, you have to make sure that you are compatible with your country's current legislation as well as the rules.

You are also confirming that the documents that you are providing are accurate, updated, and complete. Besides, make sure not to add any personal information as well as objects. Also, if you find any unauthorized access, you should always inform your client.


You need to comprehend your responsibilities as well as your rights when it comes to the content. And that will comprise the content that you are publishing or providing. In case, if you publish or provide explicit content, you will be prohibited from using our services immediately. So, if you are using our services, you will have access to contents like:

  • The content that you will provide or upload while using the services of doobdoo.
  • The content that other users will provide or upload while using the services of doobdoo.
  • The content that doobdoo will provide and the content they will provide through the services.

The 'content' that we are talking about will consist of everything, without limitation. Audio, images, video, texts, and other things like the Information on our clients, falls under the category of content. The direct messages between the users will also be considered as content. Also, if a user is posting content, that user will be responsible for all the happenings that come with the content. Also if you are interacting with any other users regarding the content, you will do it with your own risk.

Misconduct, inappropriate content, and reporting

One thing you have to keep in mind that doobdoo will not tolerate any inappropriate content as well as behavior while availing their services.
Contents that we consider as inappropriate

  • Threatening content
  • Hateful content
  • Insulting content
  • Defamatory content
  • Insulting content
  • Content attacking the dignity and honor of someone.
  • Content that violates the privacy of the third party as well as other users.
  • Distorted Information about yourself.
  • Foul languages
  • Pornographic images

Apart from all these things, if we find any other things to be inappropriate or violating the laws of prohibition, we will take down that content and will take the necessary actions. In case, if the person is not compatible with these regulations, he or she should stop using our dating app or site.

If a user illegally downloads, publishes, stores, and provides access or use the intellectual property of other users and third-party, he or she will be considered fraudulent.

Also, you cannot register on behalf of any other person, organization of the group. However, you can register with prior permission from an organization on their behalf to take the authority. Well, in that case, you have to check the legislation laws by your country.

We will not tolerate it if you confuse someone with your identity.

We do all the things to maintain a respectful as well as positive doobdoo community. And for that reason, no misconduct, inappropriate content, and misbehavior will be tolerated, both on and off service. We would like to encourage you to report to us if you find any inappropriate content as well as misconduct from any other user. If you want to report us directly, you can use the 'report a concern' link. Apart from that, you can also mail us at admin@doobdoo.in.


Privacy is one of the most important things to us. And for that reason, we have a different policy when it comes to privacy. If you want to know how doobdoo and our associates collect data, you can go through our privacy policy. By reading our privacy policy, you will also be able to know how we use and share your personal data. So, if you are using our services, you agree that we may use your personal data, and that will be compatible with our privacy policy.

Account termination

There is a possibility that you don't want to use our services anymore. Also, it may happen that we will terminate you for your actions.

In that case, the first thing that you can do is to delete your account. You can do it after logging to our app or website. You have to visit the settings option and follow the step-by-step options to disable or delete your account.

However, if you want to cancel or manage any external service purchase, you have to do it through your external service account. It will help you to avoid billing.


All the content that you will find in doobdoo, are 'as is'. doobdoo is not responsible for any representation of the features of our services as well as the content of our site. To be precise, we do not make and cannot make any representations.

Third-party content and ads

We are subscription-based services. And for that reason, you will find numerous ads on our website. Also, there is a possibility that you will get the link to numerous resources or websites. Moreover, there will be non-commercial links to the third parties as well. doobdoo is not responsible for the availability of the contents on the third party website.

Dispute resolution

It is quite a rare fact that you have to face any legal disputes with us. In case, if you are dissatisfied with any of our services, we would like to request you to get in touch with our customer services. We will try to take care of the issue without any outside assistance. And if you want to proceed with our complaints, some of the terms will be applied to you and you can proceed according to that. However, we will try to take care of your issues without any external assistance.